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I am giving today because I believe this is God’s way to prosper me. I give 10% of my income as a tithe, because I am in covenant with God. Malachi 3 says the tithe unties the Hands of God, opens the heavens and stops the plan of my enemy. I give over and above my tithe, and this releases my overflow. I align myself with Philippians 4, and plant a financial seed into my Pastor so that fruit abounds to my account. These seeds I plant today to break the back of lack. I have sufficiency in all things, I lack nothing, I have more than what I need, and enough to give away because New Foundation Christian Center and my Pastor are fertile soil. I place demands on my seeds, according to the Word of God, and command them to produce a hundredfold return. These are my confessions of faith concerning my seeds, and I declare these things to be so in Jesus’ Name…. AMEN!

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